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Trust in God not face masks – Tanzania President tells Africans

Tanzanian President John Magufuli has called on all African citizens to turn to God and put their trust in Him instead of trusting nose masks in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

According to the President of Tanzania, their surest bet in keeping their economy running and infections low is God thus he has declared three-day prayers to fight the virus.

On the basis of the belief in God, while countries across Africa have imposed curfews, partial and full lockdowns, Tanzania has resisted such measures.

The country has shut schools and universities but markets, bus stops, and shops are in usual business.

Addressing the nation, he called on them to constantly visit the church and mosques to pray prophesying that the pandemic will be history very soon.

“This is time to build our faith and continue praying to God and not depending on facemasks. Don’t stop going to churches and mosques for prayers. I’m sure this is just a change of wind and it will go like others have gone,” Magufuli said at a church in Dodoma last month,” President Magufuli said.

Tanzania recorded its first case of coronavirus on March 16 and in the past week, numbers have leaped from 32 to 147, with five deaths.

African countries have lagged behind the global curve, and many took fast and strict measures to curb movement, however, cases are rising across the continent.

“I am not happy about the lack of seriousness by the government, lack of transparency on the data of cases and deaths, and state of denial the president has on the pandemic,” an opposition MP, Zitto Kabwe, who is also the leader of the ACT Wazalendo party, told AFP.



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