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Trump: the election results could be postponed for months [Watch video]

President Trump persisted in raising fears about casting votes through possible manageable modern-day ordinary mail performance in a new interview with “Axios on HBO” released on Tuesday, claiming that it should take months for the November election to be decided.


Trump reiterated his claims that mail-in balloting leads to fraud and referred to that it will be “massively bigger” this 12 months due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

“Now due to the truth of the China virus, we’re supposed to continue to be home, ship lots and masses of ballots all over the country. Millions and millions,” Trump said. “You know, you can in addition wish to have a case the neighborhood this election may moreover moreover no longer be determined on the night time of Nov. three This election ought to be determined two months later.”

Trump delivered that would be an trouble due to the reality “lots of things will show off up at some challenge of that dimension of time. Especially when you have tight margins. Lots of things can happen. There’s by way of way of no basic performance been some aspect like this.”

During the traumatic interview with Axios’s Jonathan Swan, the president referred to that his marketing and marketing and marketing and advertising and marketing marketing and advertising and marketing and advertising and marketing and marketing and advertising advertising advertising marketing campaign is taking action in as a replacement a range court docket docket docket docket situations to “end” mail-in voting.

The president claimed that kingdom election officers have been sending out ballots to everyone, declaring “somebody acquired a ballot for a dog.”

“You show off up at some of the corruption having to do with universal, mail-in voting. Absentee vote casting is OK if you have to apply, you have to go through the usage of a process,” Trump began.


“You have to observe for mail-in,” Swan rebutted. “It is the equal thing.”
“Jonathan, they’re sending out — governors — tens of tens of a lot and hundreds of ballots,” Trump continued.
“No, they’re not,” Swan said. “It’s applications. You can get them off the internet.”
“There is no way you can go with the advocated resource of a mail-in vote barring giant cheating,” Trump said.
Swan then referred to the prolonged records of mail-in vote casting in the route of the United States of America on the grounds that the days of the Civil War, as high-quality as a advertising advertising marketing campaign to mail-in vote via potential of capability of Trump’s very private party.
“The Republican Party has an as a alternative well-funded vote-by-mail program,” Swan said. “Your marketing and advertising and marketing and advertising advertising marketing campaign areas out emails telling human beings to vote with the beneficial recommended useful resource of mail. Your daughter-in-law Lara Trump, she did robocalls in California announcing it’s tightly closed and secure, mail-in voting.”
Trump, who is trailing presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden in a vary of united states of the united states broad polls, has continued to rail against expanding mail-in balloting in spite of troubles over protection amid the pandemic.
There is no proof that mail-in vote casting contributes to large fraud. It in addition does now now now no longer showcase up that there will be favored mail-in vote casting this fall, even even even though some states require mail-in ballots.
Last week, Trump educated delaying the 2020 election over the bother even even even even even though he does no longer have the electrical electrical strength to do so unilaterally.
Biden in late April anticipated Trump may additionally additionally additionally in addition attempt to push as rapidly as accelerated the presidential election, an advice the president’s campaign dismissed at the time as “the incoherent, conspiracy idea ramblings of a misplaced candidate who is out of contact with reality.”
“Mark my words: I count on he is going to try to kick restriction once more the election somehow, come up with some reason why it can’t be held,” Biden suggested supporters, consisting of that he felt it used to be as all of sudden as “the really way [Trump] thinks he can perchance win.”
Trump in addition brushed off Biden’s accusation at the time.
“The usual election will show off up on Nov. 3,” Trump referred to at an records convention in April.
Credit: Axios on HBO

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