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Tragic News Hits Bono Community As COVID-19 Causes The Death Of Two Infected Persons

Tragic News For The Bono Region As COVID-19 Causes The Death Of Two Infected Persons

The Bono region has recorded two deaths as a result of the coronavirus disease.

These two infected persons who have died have been distinguished as a 57-year-old person, who had a kidney related issue at Wenchi and a 77-year-old lady who had a hypertension related disease.

The subsequent death was recorded at the Sunyani Hospital on the 22nd day of January 2021.

Dr. John Ekow Otoo, the Deputy Public Health Director for the Bono region, made this known during a meeting with Adom News in relation to reports on infection cases that have so far been recorded in that side of the country.

He indicated that the case tally for that sector currently stands at six hundred and fifty-seven with an addition of fifteen new infection cases.

Dr. John said that he was saddened about the rising speed of spike in newly recorded cases in that territory.

Furthermore, he indicated that the lack of concern and inability to comply with the security conventions is what he believes caused this.

Dr. Ekow Otoo made it clear that about eighty of these cases were recognized via contact following, and added that infection cases were recorded daily.

Regardless of his realization that the directorate had raised the state’s funded training on the disease, he also informed to the public to abide by the rules of the convention.

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