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Tourism Minister loses Prestea-Huni-Valley seat

The Minister of Tourism, Art and Culture, Barbara Oteng Gyasi, has lost the Prestea Huni-Valley seat after just one-term to the National Democratic Congress’ Robert Wisdom Cudjoe.


Mr Cudjoe won the seat for the NDC with 56,464 votes while the Tourism Minister polled 34,067 votes.

The MP-elect was the District Chief Executive for Prestea-Huni-Valley under the Mills and Mahama governments.

Speaking to the media at Bogoso after his declaration, Wisdom Cudjoe said his win signaled that the people want the NDC back in government for their good works.

“That is the promise I gave yesterday that we are going to win with over 10,000 votes difference. We had an idea of the outcome because when we went around visiting our people, they were calling us to come back. Simply because whatever we left in terms of development is still where we left it now. So they decided not to waste another four years again and rather bring us back again to continue our good works. So the strike was just about our past performance,” he said.

Below are the full results:

Prestea Huni-Valley


NPP: 37,572
NDC: 56,810
GUM: 2,075
CPP: 64
GFP: 35
GCPP: 22
APC: 50
LPG: 41
PNC: 29
PPP : 40
NDP: 41

_Total Expected Voters:_136, 934
Total Votes Cast: 99,426
Total Spoilt Votes: 2606


NPP: 34, 067
NDC: 56, 464
GUM: 1,920
GCPP: 260

Total Expected Voters: 137, 934
Total Votes Cast: 99,108
Total Spoilt Votes: 1,397


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