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Top 3 Secrets: Story Of How Dr. Osei Kwame Despite Moved From Bankrupt In 1983 To Becoming A Billionaire In 2021

Dr. Osei Kwame, popularly known as “Kwame Despite” is a Ghanaian Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, and Chief Executive Officer of Despite Group of Companies.

The famous “Kwame Despite” was born on February 2, 1962, at Wiamoase in the Ashanti region.

He is one of the most successful African businessmen who started from very humble beginnings.

Today we reveal 3 Top Secrets to His Grandeau


Born in a village called Agona, Wiamoase in the Ashanti Region in Ghana, Despite began life as a petty trader selling all sorts of merchandise including; music cassettes, padlocks, feeding bottles, and other merchandise at Dunkwa Offinso.

His family background never stopped him from doing something for himself. For many young entrepreneurs who may identify with him, this must be a wake-up call- your success must not be limited by your place of birth.

It is a blessing to have wealthy parents but the unavailability of such parents should not become a deterrent in your own pursuits to build an enterprise. In his own words during a rare recent interview, Despite said, “though I had dreams, I never knew, I will get this far but God has made all things possible.”


Only the strong-minded few are able to turn their lives around after a major setback such as losing all their investment, and Osei Kwame is amongst them.

In 1983, the Nigerian government deported millions of Ghanaians living then in Nigeria, Kwame Despite who was also then living in Nigeria was forced to return to the country and he returned with only, a chain-saw machine and a trident cassette player to start all over.

This must inform all young entrepreneurs today that temporary failure or set back in life should never be misconstrued to be the end of life. From a trident cassette player and a chain saw machine, Despite Group of companies now owns Peace FM, Neat FM, Okay FM, Best Point Savings & Loans, Neat Fufu, Neat Banku, and Special Ice.

This must inspire everybody today that with the right planning, investments, persistence, dedication and the belief of a Higher Power above, everything is possible under the sun.


For anyone to achieve this feat of success, it will be quite easy for a bit of arrogance and superiority complex to creep in but not Osei Kwame. In his recent interview he granted Kwame Sefa Kai, Despite attributed his success to the efforts of his dedicated untiring staff and Almighty God. In one of his interviews he said:

“Let me laud the efforts of all my untiring workers for their commitment and dedication towards making the Despite Group of Companies a success.” Despite, later advised the youth to persevere, work hard and never give up. The life experience of Osei Kwame should be a guiding principle for many today; that success is a journey and until the journey is completed, one should never give up in life.

Such a Living Example of PERSEVERANCE!


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