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Timelines for NLA payment of winning tickets/prize reviewed due to COVID-19 and lotto fraudsters

The National Lottery Authority (NLA) is bringing to the attention of the staking public, media, lotto discounters, Lotto Marketing Companies (LMCs), and other stakeholders that the payment of Winning Tickets/Prize after every draw would slightly delay for a number of days.

A statement signed by the Public Relations Unit of the NLA and copied to the media said this is due to the employees of the Authority currently running on shift as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic.

The statement said in as much as the Authority is willing to satisfy the staking public, lotto discounters, and LMCs, it is equally important for NLA to also take pragmatic steps to protect the lives of their employees in this difficult period of the COVID-19.

It said due to the shifts system currently administered by the Authority, validation, and payment of winning tickets would reasonably delay, the Authority is, thus, appealing to the staking public, lotto discounters, and LMCs to cooperate with the authority.

The statement said it has also become very imperative for the Authority to properly investigate Winning Tickets/Prize before the payment due to the rising activities of lotto fraudsters in the lottery industry.

It said the decision by NLA to do due diligence, thorough investigation, and validation of Winning Tickets would definitely affect the timelines for payment.

“From the above-stated reasons, we are humbly urging the staking public, lotto discounters, and LMCs to promptly register their Winning Tickets at the nearby Regional and District Offices of the NLA or the Authority’s Head Office for investigation and validation before payment,” the statement added.

It said: “We are passionately appealing to the staking public, lotto discounters and LMCs to exercise restrain with the process so that collectively we can transform the lottery industry.”



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