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Throwback: Checkout A Youthful Jerry John Rawlings And Friends Having Fun [Photos]

Old pictures of late former president, Jerry John Rawlings having fun with his friends in his youth days pops up after his burial.


As young people, when we come across old people, it is all too easy to assume that, that is how they have always been or it is a choice they made to be so.

Hardly does it occur to us that, just as they are, that is the same thing that we would meet. In that same vein, we find it difficult to reason that, they were once very young and probably much active and boisterous than we are.

This life is in stages but at the same time there is nothing new under the sun.

We came across a picture of the late former President, J.J. Rawlings in his very youthful days with a group of friends having fun. It is not too clear whether these were his school mates at Achimota or just friends in the neighborhood. These were fine looking young men who looked like those from good homes and were obviously having a good time at what looked like a party.

One striking thing about the picture is the fact that, but for the color being in black and white, it could easily pass for a picture taken this year.

The hard reality is that, most, if not all the very handsome young men we see in the picture are dead, or probably advanced in age. The moral here is that, life is transient and the best we can do is to make the best out of every moment at our disposal.

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