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This is the show Captain Smart hosted on Angel FM which probably has got him suspended by the station [Video]

Captain Smarts’ suspension by the Angel Broadcasting Network (ABN) has raised so many questions about the liberality of the media space and the freedom of speech every Ghanaian is entitled to.

Meanwhile, many are still wondering what could have directly pushed the station to listen to the words of the government and truly and surely suspend one of the loudest voices on the radio, Captain Smart.

Well, Captain Smart was suspended by Angel FM because he apparently continued to harshly criticize the government and other appointees even though the station has warned him to tone down.

Actually, Captain Smart is a sympathizer of the NPP who has worked behind the scenes to ensure the victory of the party. Hence, when he began to critique the effort and work of the government, many believed something may have gone wrong.

Captain Smart during the last show that may have caused him to be suspended descended heavily on Vice President Bawumia and lambasted him for failing to honour his promise of protecting Ghana’s public purse, eschew borrowing and grown the economy.

Captain Smart admitted on the show that the NPP government has failed to honour their promises and since sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander, he was poised to descend on the government just like he did during the time of Mahama.

This, probably and most likely has resulted in his suspension especially when the station has disclosed that they had warned him to desist from critiquing the government.

Check Out Video Below:



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