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‘This Is Sad, And We Cannot Sit Down For This To Happen’- Kennedy Agyapong Speaks After 2021 Budget

Kennedy Agyapong, Member of Parliament for Assin Central, added his voice to the rising list of Ghanaians who complain that not all is well with Ghanaian society.

“There is a canker in this country, and I think we should start talking about it. We have become philosophers, and we are still mounting on ancient platitudes. We talk a lot, but [we are] not realistic,” said Kennedy Agyapong on Net 2 TV.

“The degree of dishonesty is so huge. We have the ability to be masters of our own destiny, but [because of] the evil and horrible mentality that we have, we have become slaves in our nation. Foreigners have taken over the entire world.”

Kennedy Agyapong is thus rallying Ghanaians to come on board to help develop the country.

He maintains that, with the right mindset, Ghanaians will take their rightful place in the business community.

“We’re going to develop this nation, so we can build it. The white man has dedicated himself to his job. If only we are real, we can take our fate into our own hands. Let’s be frank. Religion is hindering progress in this region. I’m not against religion, but I am against false pastors.”


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