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These are the major factors leading to the COVID-19 deaths in Ghana

President Nana Akufo-Addo has revealed that most COVID-19 deaths in Ghana have underlying health causes such as diabetes and hypertension.

This came to light when he delivered his 10th address to the nation on Sunday, May 31, 2020.

“In the Ghanaian context, it has been established that the cases of comorbidity, i.e. underlying health conditions, that are associated with almost all the COVID-related deaths, are mainly diabetes and hypertension,” he said.

He said the risk factors for these diseases are being overweight, eating refined foods, too much salt and sugar in meals, inadequate physical exercise, excessive alcohol intake, and smoking.

“It is, thus, crucial that we improve our fitness levels, and adopt healthy eating practices that incorporate our local foodstuffs, which boost our immune systems” he added.

He has therefore called on persons suffering from diabetes and hypertension to take their treatment seriously.

He also reiterated his call on Ghanaians to improve their fitness level and common local diets rich in nutrients.

As at yesterday Sunday, 31st May, two hundred and eighteen thousand, four hundred and twenty-five (218,425) tests conducted; the number of positive cases stands at eight thousand and seventy (8,070); two thousand, nine hundred and forty-seven (2,947) persons have recovered; thirty-six (36) have sadly died; thirteen (13) persons are severely ill, with three (3) critically-ill for which (1) is on a ventilator; and five thousand and eighty-seven are responding to treatment at home, isolation centres and hospitals.

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