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The US Election isn’t over, mysterious Trump will still be in office for 2nd term – Badu Kobi (Video)

Prophet Badu Kobi says Donald Trump will still be the President of America from 2021.

The man of God who prophesied that Joe Biden will win the US Election but won’t be President still stands by his prophecy.

Speaking in church on Sunday November 8, 2020 the Prophet said the US Election isn’t over yet but he saw Trump snatching the victory from Joe Biden.

He stressed that though Joe Biden has won the election, Donald Trump will remain the President and even cited Trump’s decision to seek redress at the Supreme Court to back his claim.

According to the founder of the Glorious Wave International Church, Donald Trump is a mystery and that no one will understand why he will sworn in for the 2nd term even after losing the election to Joe Biden.


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