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‘The negligence of a doctor’s wrong injection caused my disability’ – Accra Technical University graduate shares sad story

A graduate of the Accra Technical University, Miss Delali Agbosu has shared a very sad story about how she became an orphan and a doctor’s negligence has made her a permanently disabled person.

Narrating her woes in an interview with SVTV Africa, she got sick at the age of 4 and was taken to the hospital for treatment but the doctor gave her a wrong injection – causing her woes.

Delali, now a mother of one, said the after the incident and to be able to walk, she must put her left and right hands on her foot.

Her situation pushed her biological to run away and have since not returned and her father has passed away.

Despite being disabled, she managed to enroll at the Accra Technical University where she acquired a diploma in Secretaryship and Management but securing herself a job has been her headache.

I have applied for many jobs but all to no avail. One day, an employer frankly told me, many employers won’t employ me because of my situation, she said amid tears.

He told me the job of a secretary is now more field-oriented hence considering my situation, no employer will employ me, she added.

Watch the heartbreaking interview below…




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