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The Moment Tears Started Dripping From Jean Mensah’s Eyes in Supreme Court Today

Social media has been set ablaze with massive reaction after the chairperson of the Electoral Commission, Jean adukwei Mensah entered the supreme court. Few moment after she was seated, camera captured her face and those who carefully watched the photo saw drops of tears coming from her eyes.

Mrs Jean Mensa, before taking her seat in the courtroom, will always ensure that, the chair she sat on previously is replaced with the next seat beside it.

She will then have it sanitised with her own sanitizer from her bag. This has been how the EC Chairperson constantly ensure that, beyond the courtroom measures, she also protects herself from the deadly pandemic.

The irony here is that today after she entered the court and sat, tears were dripping slowly from her eyes. Even know not very conspicuously seen, the photo below reveals the details after zooming out.

The question many Ghanaians are now asking was what could be the reason. Is she afraid now?

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