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The Moment George Floyd Made The Ghana Kente Cloth A Global Symbol Of Unity

During which time the legendary Nana Adinkrah invented the famous Adinkrah symbols, at the time we had not a united republic of Ghana, but kingdoms, a yeoman show of fidelity by a Count from Goka gave birth to Ghana’s magical *Freedom And Justice* Coat of Arms, at the dawn of independence.

It came to pass as recorded in the Royal Archives of the Goka palace, that, the iconic Count, the nephew, and an heir apparent to the Gokahene (overlord of Goka), had sacrificed his life to save that of the Nana Adinkrah at a gathering of royals at the International House of Chiefs.

No one knows exactly from which kingdom an assassin surged forward attempting to pin to the wall with a spear, the seer Nana Adinkrah who sat on the Sumahenkuro throne at the meeting to claim ownership of the Symbols, the Gye Nyame Symbols it is otherwise known.

What everyone gathered knew of was that, the Count, who when crowned to mount a vacant Goka Royal Stool would double as the Adontenghene (Chief Warrior) of the Suma Crown, for the Nana Adinkrah, precisely; threw himself as a shield to the parried spear, receiving a mortal wound in his chest.

When Royal Guards held down the assassin, and the Palace Physicians tried their magic to revive the dying Count, they spotted a boldly embossed Owuo Atwedeɛ (The Ladder Of Death) at the very place that welcomed the piercing messenger of death.

Right there, the penitent assassin repented of his fiendishness, though he failed to mention which of the kingdoms hired him to kill the wise Nana Adinkrah and register the marketable symbols in their crown’s name as he claimed in a confession. But, seeing the Owuo Atwedeɛ, learning its literal meaning as death is a ladder that every soul born of woman would climb, he knew that neither blood money, nor unfought for fame would immortalize a usurper like himself and his paymasters.

The assassin gave himself up as a scapegoat to bury forever, envy drove killing. And the royals gathered learning they could be victimized also one day for dreaming big as the targeted Nana Adinkrah was, swore an unbreakable oath to associate themselves with the Adinkrah Symbols instead of killing its inventor. Adding, if the sky is too vast to accommodate all flying birds, none would be the first to behave like the infamous king who trained lions that only fed on human flesh, and when the last man in sight was devoured, the insatiable carnivores never accepted an appeasing animal flesh, but the meat of their guardian, the King.

Today, when a white police supremacist pinned his knee on a Blackman, George Floyd’s neck, he cried to the hearing of his mother to come to his rescue. His Mother is Mother Africa. The

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