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The LGBT Group Are Now Targeting Poor SHS Students, So Parents Must Be Vigilant- Adwoa Yeboah drops secret

For sometime now, the issues of homosexuality has been trending in and outside the country. Many people in Ghana did not support the motion and demanded that, the president should speak his stand on the issue.

After the President’s speech at the Mampong St. Micheal and Angels Anglican Church were he made it clear that, he will never legalize same sex marriage. His comments made the pressure from group to calm down.

This morning on United tv’s morning show, Adwoa Yeboah Agyie revealed that, according to an investigation by the National Enquirer newspaper, the LGBT community have now targeted the SHS and JHS students especially the poor ones as they lure them with financial aid and other incentives into their activities. She also said that, they even pretend to be volunteers and go to the various deprived schools and by the end of their services, they are able to bring most of the children into their community. So parents must me vigilant in terms of who their children move with.

What do you think of the new move of the LGBT society as well as do you think their move will succeed? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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