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Test coronavirus vaccine on 50 of Akufo-Addo’s Deputy Ministers – Ghanaian advocates

Maverick social commentator Agyemang Duah Eric has, in a controversial social media post, called for the testing of a COVID-19 vaccine to be tried in Ghana on our political leaders, stressing that some 50 Deputy Ministers of state will be enough sample for the testing of the vaccine and that our Members of Parliament (MPs) could willingly offer to be guinea pigs for the trial.

“I agree for the vaccine to be tested here in Ghana because this will be our only contribution to its development, we already have a suitable controlled demographics that can easily be monitored. 275 Mps, 123 ministers and about 50 deputy ministers are enough samples to test the vaccine. The Mps represent the people. They can agree to represent the population as a sample of the covid-19 vaccine trial, after all they already representing us in law making processes,” he argued in a post sighted by

Many Ghanaians joined other Africans to express outrage following suggestions by two French medical doctors that a repurposed vaccine for tuberculosis meant as a vaccine for the novel coronavirus could be tested in Africa.

They roundly condemned the doctors for being racist, wondering why a vaccine should be tried in Africa where the scourge of the virus has been insignificant while hard hit continents should be spared.

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