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Teshie Wulomo, 2 others injured after gunshots during pre-Homowo rituals [Photos+Video]

Three people have been injured while they were performing rituals ahead of the start of the Homowo festival at Teshie.

The victims include the Chief Priest (Wulomo) of the traditional area in the Ledzorkuku municipality after gunmen stormed the Osabu Ayiku shrine on Sunday.

According to the Secretary to the Chief Priest, the incident happened in the wee hours of the day when residents had visited the shrine to collect corn – which is the spiritual crop by the community – in order to partake in the annual rite as part of the Homowo festivities.

Teshie Wulomo, 2 others injured after gunmen fire shots during pre-Homowo rituals

Speaking on Joy FM’s Midday News, John Adjetey Kommey, explained that at about 7:30 am when the Wulomo was nearing the conclusion of the rite, “all of a sudden we heard gunshots, the throwing of stones and bottles.”


“They invaded the place because the police had left. Then they attacked the Wulomo and all those who came to witness the rituals,” Mr Kommey said.




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