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TEMA: 40% of fire tenders not functioning

Atinkanews investigations have revealed that 40% of fire tenders within the Tema Region under the Regional Fire command are not functioning, a situation which poses serious threat to fire fighting in the region.

There are 13 fire stations under the Tema Regional Fire Command with Dodowa and parts of Accra all falling under the region.

However, out of the 13 fire stations, four stations do not have fire tenders, while the likes of the Tema Regional head office, Spintex and Ada seem to be the only stations with fire tenders in good condition.

TEMA: 40% of fire tenders not functioning 2

The facts were brought were highlighted in recent fire outbreaks, which took some fire stations hours to attend to such cases.

In the case of two separate explosions at an oil tank facility, which claimed one life in Kpone in the Kpone Katamanso District some weeks ago, it took the intervention of fire fighters from the Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority, who took several hours to get to the scene before putting out the fire. This happened because fire tenders at both the industrial area and that of the Kpone command had developed fault.

TEMA: 40% of fire tenders not functioning 3

Reports also indicate that most of the fire tenders purchased some five years ago have all broken down, with none even serving its full purpose since they were allocated to the region.

Checks by Atinkanews at some fire stations revealed that most of the faulty tenders have been left at the mercy of the sun, with officers seen sitting idle since it is an open secret their they have no tenders to work with.

Sources say destruction of properties during  fire outbreaks in the region for the past year has worsened  because of fighter fighters’ inability to fight fire on time due to their faulty machines which mostly break down when they arrive at a fire scene.

TEMA: 40% of fire tenders not functioning 4

Some fire officers who spoke to Atinkanews on condition of anonymity were concerned that the issue is gradually turning into a security threat to their work and that of lives in Tema.

“Chairman, recently a free outbreak at Tema Newtown destroyed several properties which could have been prevented just because the fire tenders dispatched to the scene took close to an hour before responding,” one officer retorted.”

TEMA: 40% of fire tenders not functioning 5

According to them, if government fails to act on the issue, the Tema region will soon have to rely on support from Accra should there be any serious fire outbreak or explosion in the Tema region.


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