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T’di kidnapped girls: ‘Killers’ get lawyer as Court em-panels 7-member jury

T’di kidnapped girls: ‘Killers’ get a lawyer as Court empanels 7-member jury

The ’Killers’ of the four Takoradi Kidnapped girls now have lawyers to represent them. And a Jury of 7 has also been empanelled to decide the matter before it.

The kidnappers are known to be Nigerians, have been accused of kidnapping four girls in Takoradi in the Western Region.

Justice Richard Adjei Frimpong of the High Court in Sekondi has also empanelled a seven-member jury for the trial to commence.

The last time the case involving the two Nigerians – Samuel Wills and John Orji -appeared before his lordship Justice Richard Adjei-Frimpong, he explained that because it is now a capital offence, they needed legal representation.

Based on that the State Attorney, on the instructions of the Presiding Judge, wrote to the Legal Aid Scheme for help.

Fortunately, when the two appeared before the court on Wednesday, July 29, there was a counsel for them.

However, the new lawyer for the two accused persons, Mark Bosiah, told the court that he needed time to study the case since it was his first time of handling it.

The court, then, proceeded to empanel a seven-member jury for the case.

In some instances when the name of a prospective juror was called, both accused persons rejected it outright.

The two accused persons, Samuel Wills and John Orji exhausted all three opportunities to reject a juror.

In the end, five males and two females constituted the jury.

In his submission, the lawyer for the two accused persons prayed the court to instruct the Ghana Prisons Service to give him reasonable access to his clients to enable him to learn more about the case, a request the court granted.

In his remarks, Presiding Justice Adjei-Frimpong announced that there is a special request from the Chief Justice for the case to be expedited and he intends to do that.

Samuel Wills and John Orji told the court they were not guilty when their eight counts of conspiracy to commit murder and murder were read to them in open court.

The case has been adjourned to Thursday, August 6, 2020, for case management.

Families of all four victims were present in court.



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