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Tanzania to send a plane to Madagascar for covid-19 herbal medicine, will Ghana participate

The Tanzania head of state, John Pombe Magufuli disclosed that, his government will soon be sending a plane to Madagascar to bring the newly discovered herbal remedy for COVID-19.

Speaking on TV, the President revealed that, “I am communicating with Madagascar, and they have already written a letter saying they have discovered some medicine.”
He further stated that “We will soon dispatch a flight to bring the medicine so that Tanzanians can also benefit”
Magufuli assured the citizenry that, the government is working day and night to help provide a suitable solution for the pandemic at hand.
Madagascar has been in the news lately for discovering a traditional medicine which they deem effective against the deadly coronavirus. According to the experts, the traditional medicine named COVID-ORGANICS which was derived from Artemisia produces results within seven days.
This discovery has however been ignored by the world health organization but African countries are gradually embracing it for use. Senegal, Guinea and few others have so far placed orders for the product. Nigeria and Tanzania were the latest to hint of a possible purchase
However, most Ghanaians are also suggesting the Government Should join the force to purchase the newly discovered herbal remedy for COVID-19 which was recently discovered by Madagascar so that they can also benefit Since the current Covid19 cases in ghana have risen to 2169.

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