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Supreme court: Bad news hits the camp of John Dramani Mahama.

The much anticipated cross examination of the electoral commission’s chairperson will unfortunately not materialised.

The camp of the petitioner were strongly agitating for a cross examination of the chairperson of the commission in order to buttress the case they were making in court.

Check out the summary of the ruling

“Depositions in affidavit in opposition to interrogatories cannot make respondent compellable

No provision in the constitution or statute has been pointed out to show the EC chairperson is subject to different rules contrary to settled rules of procedure and settled practice.

A petitioner’s case stands or fails on the strength of the case not evidence from respondent.

Cases referred to like the Sakande one are distinct from present case

Court cannot compel a party to give


From every indication,the petitioner’s hope of eliciting much evidence from the chairperson of the commission has been dashed.

Many well meaning Ghanaians have added their voices to the call on the commissioner to be cross examined.

Undoubtedly,the legal team of the petitioner will be very disappointed as some called for a national holiday on the day of madam Jean Mensah’s cross examination.

One cannot make much commentaries since the abled judges knows what they are doing according to the laws of the country.

Many called it needless when the petitioner went to the supreme to file his case which many did not understand.But from every indication, the case the petitioner filed at the supreme court lacks the required substance to even merit the attention of the noble judges.


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