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StudentsLivesMatter: Final Year Students Protest Decision To Return To School

President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo in an address to the nation on May 31, 2020, announced a phased relaxation of restrictions that were imposed to curb the spread of the COVID-19 in the country.

As part of the phased relaxation of the restrictions, the President ordered for schools to be reopened for final year JHS, SHS and university students.

This decision by the President has not been received well by a lot of final year students.

They are protesting on Twitter with the hashtag: #StudentsLivesMatter.

According to most of the students, the decision to return to school will cause more harm than good, taking into consideration the continuous increase in COVID-19 cases.

They are of the view that their lives are more important than completing the academic year and writing exams.


Education📖 is the key 🔑 but this time de3 Survival💪🏾 is our goal🔌. Final years are not immuned to the virus👹. You are putting our lives in danger👿. Our lives matter💯🙌🏾#StudentsLivesMatter

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Others also asked some genuine questions which must be answered by authorities before schools resume.

Kumasi John Terry 🇬🇭🐦@bra_marfo_

Will they test every student before they are allowed to enter the school?#StudentsLivesMatter

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Here are more concerns raised by final year students:

Yhaa Amponsah 🇬🇭@Yhaa_amponsah

They can’t just send as to school as test samples, what about if someone is affected by Covid 19 and dies through this process, would there be a second chance for that person ? #studentslivesmatter

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Kumasi John Terry 🇬🇭🐦@bra_marfo_

South Korea opened schools and closed within a week because positive cases increased but William Kwaku Addo Danquah who stays at Jubilee house wants to play with my life 😥😥#StudentsLivesMatter

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One thing I’ve realized is that our educational system is only intrested in students writing exams and not in imparting knowledge.#examscancelled cancelled #StudentsLivesMatter

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F. A. TAYL✪R®@KojoAkyin

Our education system only cares about writing exams #StudentsLivesMatter

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Asafo Meek Mill@KwabenaMelchi

All jokes aside what Nana Addo do paa wey sense edey inside#StudentsLivesMatter ✊

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Why push education when health matters the most? Why discuss about when will the classes should resume when we can focus on how we can conquer this unseen enemy? Student’s lives matter. No to school reopening until vaccine has been out. #NoToSchoolReopening #StudentsLivesMatter

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10 cases go home but, 8000 + cases go to school. Nana Addo why #StudentsLivesMatter

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Cases just sprang up to 8000 and your best response is to reopen schools and churches in the name of “returning our lives to normality” at whose expense if I may ask? You’re not in this situation so you’re not bothered. #StudentsLivesMatter

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A lot of genuine concerns are being raised by the final year students and we hope the government puts in place measures that will ensure that COVID-19 will not spread in the various schools.



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