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Stop cutting ties with your fellow footsoldiers when you get opportunities- Kofi Ofosu charges NPP members

Chief Executive Officer for the Accra Digital Center Kofi Ofosu Nkansah has warned New Patriotic Party footsoldiers to desist from being greedy when opportunities come their way.

There is the culture of party footsoldiers forgetting about their colleagues they were in the trenches with struggling for recognition when opportunities avail itself to them.

Such people look down on their colleagues who have not been opportune and sometimes cut ties with them for reasons best known to them.

Addressing the utter neglect of colleagues when they get the opportunity, Kofi Ofosu Nkansah who is known in NPP as the footsoldiers President said it’s imperative that footsoldiers who get opportunities do not become greedy and selfish.

To him, people who get opportunities should always remember their colleagues and not shun them like it’s happening in recent times.

“Dear Party foot soldier, as you complain about the greed of some big men, I hope you will also not be greedy if you get an opportunity in future. Some foot soldiers have forgotten about their close friends they were in the trenches with, after getting opportunities. Politics mom paa de3 we should be doing greed test before admitting people in.”


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