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Stepping outside? These 5 big mistakes can put your health at risk during coronavirus

​Stepping outside? These 5 big mistakes can put your health at risk during coronavirus

Even as the number of positive coronavirus cases continues to increase at a breakneck speed in India (currently crossing the 5 lakh mark), the government has given a go-ahead to the phase 1 of ‘unlocking’ with reasonable restrictions. As more and more people come out of their houses and venture back to work, it is not exactly a safe time to be heading outdoors, unless absolutely necessary.

We list down 5 mistakes that may multiply your risk of contracting the highly infectious contagion. So the next time you step outside, make sure to check the below-mentioned pointers:

02/6​You are heading outdoors without face-cover, hand sanitizer and tissues/wipes

It does not matter if it just a short-trip downstairs or you are heading to work, it is essential to wear face-covers or face masks every time you step a foot outside the door. The jury is still out on how long the novel coronavirus stays suspended in the air and you never know whom you might run into outdoors. As per the CDC, it is also recommended to carry an alcohol-based hand sanitizer and tissues if you are planning to go out.

03/6​You are assuming that the virus has gone

It is important to understand that even if restrictions on lockdown are getting lifted, it does not mean that the virus is no longer a threat. Hence, it is important to practise all measures of social distancing and take all the necessary precautions every time you step out of your home.

04/6​You are going on a shopping spree as the stores reopen

The economy worldwide has taken a beating due to the pandemic and India is no different. So, even when we understand how tempting it must be to want to buy almost everything on your wish list, we advise practising some restraint. During the pandemic, your first priority should be to be financially secure so that you are able to take care of any medical expenses. The balance would be to set a limit for your indulgence every month, keeping in mind your other major expenses.

05/6​You are not as cautious as touching things outdoors

As the restrictions are getting lifted, people are stepping outdoors and trying to return to normalcy. Now is the time to become even more cautious about what we are touching and coming in contact with, in the public. As more and more people are returning to their jobs, now is not the time to have a lackadaisical attitude when it comes to touching public surfaces.

06/6​You have stopped reading COVID news

We understand that reading about the growing number of positive coronavirus cases and the increasing mortality can be really overwhelming and even disturbing at times. However, it is equally imported to stay updated with recent guidelines on lockdown restrictions and the hotspot areas in and around your city. So, instead of accessing the news 24/7, make it a point to take out some time every day to know about the latest COVID-19 updates–even after the restrictions have been lifted.


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