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Sputnik Deal: Accept you’ve been scammed – Health expert to GoG

Dr. Kwame Asiedu Sarpong of the Center for Democratic Development (CDD-Ghana) has asked the government of Ghana to accept that it has been defrauded.


The Ministry of Health is said to have dealt with a middleman in the procurement of sputnik v vaccines from the United Arab Emirates.

The Ministry is said to have bought vaccines which is been sold at $10 for $19 at price which has come as a shock to many considering the fact that it’s known that the vaccine goes for $10.

Speaking in an interview with Accra-based Joy FM, Dr. Kwame Asiedu Sarpong of the Center for Democratic Development (CDD-Ghana) claimed that evidence available to him indicates that the government of Ghana has already made payment for 300,000 doses of the vaccines at a cost of $19 per dose.

But Dr. Kwame Asiedu Sarpong said the middlemen failed to supply the vaccines to Ghana on the agreed dates and there is no indication that they will be able to meet their end of the agreement.

He took the government on for not doing due diligence in the purchase of the vaccines and asked officials of the government to accept that the country has been defrauded and take steps to ensure that they do not lead the country into such a situation in the future rather than attempting to justify the deal.


“We ordered 3.4 million doses, didn’t we? There is enough evidence is to say that we’ve paid for 300,000 doses. The president spoke to us on 3 different occasions and the last address we heard from the president was that sputnik vaccines were going to start arriving on the 15th of May. Today (yesterday) is the 9th of June, they haven’t arrived. We need to hedge our bets. We need to accept that probably like the WHO said we dealt with a middle man who swindled us. We’ve lost money for 300,000 doses times 19. I want the listener to do the calculation and hedge our bets and just accept that we went into a bad deal.

Unnecessarily explanation won’t help. I can understand and cut the government some slack by saying when you have to care towards 30 million people, sometimes you take desperate measures, so maybe (I’m using this economically) 300,000 doses paid for and 15,000 doses supplied is a tradeoff we can live with but as a people, we need to hold a candle and a mirror to our face and ask ourselves, should we have been here?” he stated in an interview on Accra-based Joy FM.

The health expert further questioned why the government will enter into a deal with middlemen two of whom were involved in the controversial Ameri deal especially after current government officials severely criticized the previous government over the deal.

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