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South Africa: Bank robbery turns fatal as robbers engage police in shootout leaving two dead in Hollywood style (HOT VIDEO)

A robbery incident that took place in South Africa turned fatal as the robbers engaged the police in a shootout at a Carnival shopping centre jewellery store leaving two gunmen dead.


While shoppers were seen calmly moving about and making their selections, one man dressed in black storms into the store and points a gun at someone behind the counter.

Another man, who is holding a blue bag, joins him and runs to the person behind the counter while shoppers flee.

The man who was standing among the shoppers earlier in the video takes out a pair of gloves and orders a shopper to get down on the ground. He goes to the counter and helps the others clean out the store.

Gauteng police spokesperson Colonel Dimakatso Sello said that seven gunmen robbed the store.

It is reported that the suspects started shooting on their way out and police and security officers retaliated, killing two of the suspects and injuring one, while the others managed to flee.

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