Some churches are only commercial enterprises with the Bible as cover – Ebo Whyte

Playwright and Counselor, James Ebo Whyte has said some churches are nothing but commercial ventures under the guise of Bible-believing fellowships.

He said these churches exploit their members and do not care for their welfare.

Mr. Whyte, who is affectionately called Uncle Ebo told Edem Knight-Tay on Joy Fm’s Home Affairs program that these churches only exist “for the sake of sustaining and prospering the owner.”

The CEO of Roverman Productions made these comments during the discussion on the topic, ‘the Home and the Church.’

He joined two other guests on the show to discuss the topic of logic versus faith and how wives, especially, can create a balance between church and home duties.

He said that even though it is irresponsible for married women to spend undue hours in the church at the expense of their home, some churches encourage the problem.

“Some [pastors] do not care how long you stay in the church as long as you keep the church going”, he insisted.

He, however, admitted that not all churches operated under such superficial intentions, “there are churches that are for the people, for God…” he stated.

Uncle Ebo said that there were pastors who would discourage such ‘religious fanatics’ from abandoning their homes under the guise of the church.

He also lauded churches who discourage members from being a part of almost, if not all groups in the church.

Uncle Ebo Whyte believes that people ought to take responsibility for their own actions and set their priorities right.

“You ought to be responsible for your spirituality,” he stressed.

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