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Slay Queen Stripped N@ked,Thrown Out After Refusing To Return Home After Val’s Day Celebration -WATCH VIDEO

Its obvious Valentine’s day is a day meant for love. A day meant to celebrate love. But its as clear as diluted eater that the rate at which we celebrate it has a different meaning to which contrast the real definition of the occasion.

Whenever the wind of Val’s day blows, what’s comes in mind is s3x, well, enough of this personal thought, a video making rounds on social media captures a man and woman engaged in a fight with the latter n@ked.

According to further investigations and thoughts,this lady(name withdrawn) spent her Val’s day with her supposed boyfriend,after the celebration ,which is a day after the Val’s day,the lady refuses to return home,without knowing what caused the anger of her boyfriend,they broke into a serious fight.

As part of their misunderstanding, her boyfriend stripped her n@ked,throw out her things out but still refuses to go home.

Could it be that the man enjoyed her freely without giving her money?


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