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Slay queen caught stealing tilapia, hides it in her Bra; shocking video drops

Slay gueen caught stealing tilapia, hides it in her Bra in latest viral video

In a video sighted by, the unidentified lady who is believed to be a professional at stealing foods from such venues was caught on camera this time around.

Whether its hunger or poverty nobody knows as this said lady is seen stealing and hiding tilapia in her bra while on a date.

Slay gueen caught stealing tilapia

For the good reasons on her side is there might be money in the house or she is so broke that she cant miss out the chance to leave a whole tilapia behind while on a date.

And on the bad side, social media users are trolling her for doing such an act in public and the shocking thing is hiding it in her bra

The video saw the lady picking the tilapia and packing them in a rubber while she checked whether someone was watching her or not.

She quickly went ahead to hide the stolen tilapia in her brassier – right under her breast!

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