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Shocking: Thousands Of Angry Indians Throw Away Their gods As Covid-19 Cases Keep Rising After Several Sacrifices (HOT VIDEO)

Reports reaching our outfit indicates that an enormous number of Indians have tossed the gods and idols they worshiped on the streets as the number of Covid-19 cases soar in the country.

The Indians have expressed their indignation at the gods they worshiped yet the gods and the idols didn’t shield them from the Covid.

They appealed to the gods since they have the faith that it could save them from the infection, yet they at last found that they couldn’t do anything and thus they had no choice than to destroy it.

Report has it that the number of every day Covid passing’s in India has been arriving at a record number as it as of late recorded 4,187 deaths in a day and more than 400,00 cases in a single day. India’s underfunded health system has battled to adapt to the new influx of Covid, with patients biting the dust in emergency clinic parking areas from absence of oxygen and beds.

The circumstance has goaded individuals and they are venting their outrage even at the divine beings they used to love.

Checkout the video below;


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