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SHOCKING: Captain Smart exposes 98% of media houses that do not pay SSNIT their for workers

Radio and Television personality Captain Smart has chided media managers in the country.

According to him, 98% of media houses in the country do not pay SSNIT for their workers who toil all day and night at ensuring that the media entities stay on top of their game.

He made this known on his show which he claims is in the interest of making Ghana great again.

Captain Smart said “98% of media houses in Ghana don’t pay SSNIT” indicating that a number of persons are toiling in vain.

His claims comes at a period where some Pastors of the Light House Church International are demanding monies from the Church because the Church failed to pay their SSNIT contributions.

On the development of the country, Captain Smart indicated that it is imperative that the media join forces to seek for accountability in order to better the fortunes of the people in the country.

“How I wish the media in this country will one day form a formidable force and demand accountability for the ordinary Ghanaian.”

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