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SHOCKING: 65 juju men arrested over ritual killings of at least 10 children

Police have reportedly arrested 65 “ witchdoctors” in Tanzania in connection with the ritual murders of at least 10 children.

According to BBC report, many of the children had body parts removed.

Simon Sirro, the inspector general of police, has ordered every traditional healer to obtain a license.

“We have also requested other institutions like religious leaders and politicians to help us,” he added, according to the broadcaster.

The children were killed in the south-western Njombe region in January and an unknown number of children were also killed in the northern Simuyu region.

People with albinism are often targeted under the belief their body parts are particularly potent in rituals.

Known as “zeru zeru” or ghosts, their condition is heavily stigmatized and families who consider it a curse has been known to kick relatives out of their homes.

It is unclear if any of the children known to have been killed had albinism, according to the BBC.

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