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Shatta Wale Busted For Wearing Cheap Torn Boxers After Mocking Arnold’s Cheap Shoe

Shatta Wale, the self-acclaimed king of dancehall, has been trending for the wrong reasons since the weekend. Arnold Asamoah Baidoo, an entertainment writer, was recently dragged through the dirt by the controversial musician because he was critical of him and he didn’t like it.

Shatta Wale refused to believe Arnold’s claim that he’s confused and contradictory because he recognized the same thing they’ve been discussing about the artist industry, which he had bashed them for, is true.

On the subject, Shatta Wale called Arnold a “cheap blogger with nothing” on live television. As Shatta Wale led Arnold around to show him his house and prove his wealth, the conversation devolved into an ugly and uncomfortable one.

Arnold’s sneakers, which he wore to the program, cost GHC 2.50, according to him.

Following that, Shatta Wale has been slammed on social media for his boorish behavior. People are also waiting for Shatta Wale to make a mistake so they can mock him.

A pic of Shatta Wale wearing tattered and cheap boxers has apparently gone viral. Shatta Wale got caught with his pants down at a gathering.

He’s wearing a pair of white boxers with holes or patches on the bottom.

Fans are berating Shatta Wale for wearing such cheap boxers after attacking Arnold and calling him cheap, as is customary.

People believe it is only fair that Shatta Wale be dealt the same bitter pill he dished Arnold Asamoah Baidoo.

Check out the picture below:


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