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Sex with Mahama earned me a very big job – Victoria Lakshmi Hamah reveals [Watch]

Rumours have had it that Victoria Lakshmi Hamah who was the former Deputy Minister of Communications under the erstwhile government of former President John Mahama had an amorous relationship with the former head of state before she was given her ministerial position.

Well, Victoria has finally spoken on these allegations.

Victoria Lakshmi Hamah took to her Facebook page to reveal that nobody in NDC is happy with the Coronavirus pandemic. So they’re just waiting patiently praying for everything to cool down so that 2020 Polls can be organised for Mahama to be voted back into power.

“Nobody in NDC is rejoicing at the Coronavirus pandemic; as a matter of fact we are praying to God for all this to be over so we can vote massively to change your government.”, she wrote.

Her post got one internet troll to ask that is she waiting for Mahama to come back to power so that he can continue sex with her for a ministerial position?

This comment from the internet troll got Victoria Lakshmi Hamah angry and she replied that even if she had sex with Mahama, it was profitable unlike the guy whose father had sex with his mom to give birth to a fool like him.

This led to an exchange of insults between the duo.

See below in the screenshots:


Ms Hamah was dismissed as Ghana’s Deputy Communications Minister in 2013 after a secret recording of her saying that she would stay in politics until she had earned $1m (£600,000 at the time) leaked.

Some opposition politicians had accused her of having secured the appointment after having offered sexual favours to the President at the time, John Mahama.

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