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Send more police officers and soldiers to Kasoa- NDC Communicator to gov’t

The Deputy Communications Director of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Mr Kwaku Boahen is calling on government to deploy more police officers and soldiers to Kasoa in order to bring sanity to the place.

He observed that Kasoa has become a crime prone area with most criminals and land guards dwelling in the town and its environs.

He made the call on Atinka TV’s morning show, Ghana Nie, hosted by Ekourba Gyasi Simpremu while discussing ‘Curbing Land guard Menace’ in the country.

Mr Kwaku Boahen said the land guards in Kasoa mostly use sophisticated weapons including guns that are meant for the security agencies.

He recalled an incident in Kasoa where some land guards monitored a police man whom they said had been monitoring them and killed him with a gun.

“If we do not stop this today, we cannot buy lands and build in future, unless we contract people to guide the lands and resource them to protect our lands before we can build,” he said.

Mr Kwaku Boahen continued that,”Someone might take your land so you have to protect it. Because when you go to the police they are scared. At Kasoa, when you report, they will say go and settle with the chiefs and give them money to settle them and after doing that, another person will come and say he is owner of the land.”

“The police are scared and the land guards are well dominated at Kasoa. We have to relocate the Regional Police Command to Kasoa and deploy more police and soldiers there. Because the rate at which crimes are ongoing in Kasoa and its environs with a few policemen, the police are not able to cover all of them,” he said.

The Politician added ,”When someone wants criminals, they go to Kasoa to get some, when someone is looking for armed robbers or land guards, they go and get some there.”


Mr Kweku Boahen who noted that people sell lands to about three buyers said the buyers turn to use land guards to protect their lands and build their houses.

Meanwhile, he said the law is not dealing with those who sell lands to multiple people the way it should.

“Whether you are chief or not, if you sell lands to multiple people and the law deals with you and you are convicted for about five years, it will serve as a deterrent to others. But we mostly say because they are chiefs, we allow them go scot-free. Even when the police are notified, they are scared of dealing with the chiefs,” he said.




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