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Seize the oils and holy water sold in churches like you seized Mama Gee’s products- Kofi Bentil

Kofi Bentil, The Vice President of Policy Think tank IMANI Africa is calling on the Food and Drugs Board (FDA) to confiscate all the Holy water and oils sold in churches just as they arrested Mama Gee for selling love potions and sexual stimulants.

In his opinion, arresting Mama Gee wasn’t in place because the law only allows for the FDA to stop harmful drugs and not ineffective ones calling on authorities to know the huge difference that exists between the two.

In his opinion, people have a right to buy placebos and useless concoctions based on lies since stupidity is not a crime bemoaning the fact that the authority appears to be overstepping its bounds in enforcing regulations.

He hence called on the FDA to also go after those churches that sell so-called holy water, oils, creams etc.

Kofi Bentil posted:

Dear FDA,
I appreciate your work, but be careful, because your mandate is to stop harmful drugs NOT ineffective ones!! there’s a huge difference!

People have a right to buy placebos and useless concoctions based on lies! as I always say; stupidity is not a crime!
I worry about you overstepping your authority!

If the law allowed you to seize ineffective concoctions, you would have to seize all the holy water and Oils being sold in churches!!!


Kofi Bentil’s post

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