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See What Happened When A Scammer Told His Client He Needs Money To Go To The Hospital Because He Has Coronavirus (Screenshot)

This Hilarious chat between a client and his scammer  a guy who turned himself to a lady demanding for extra money from his/her Client.

According to the chat, the client has already accepted to give him money but because of his greedy attitude both the money he asked and the money he wanted to collect extra that make him to lie that he has coronavirus, he didn’t get any of them before the client block him.

See the screenshot of their conversation below.

Client :it was fine my dear

Scammer:I hope you don’t forget me today about the $200 baby

Client :yes baby I will send the $200 steam on my way to work love

Scammer :and baby please help me to add $150 making $350 I want to go to the hospital to test maybe I have corona virus baby.

Client :what you have coronavirus?

And the client blocked him immediately

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