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See the list of Companies with licences to prospect in Forest reserves

The Minerals Commission and Forest Commission have published a list of 80 companies who have either been granted prospecting/reconnaissance licences or have applications pending to mine in forest reserves.
Per the list, only 12 companies have been granted approval while the approval of the remaining 68 is pending.

However, a joint statement signed by the Acting Chief Executive Officer of the Minerals Commission, Martin Kwaku Ayisiand the Chief Executive Officer of the Forestry Commission, Mr John Allotey stressed that all reconnaissance and prospecting activities in forest reserves remain suspended until further notice.

“For the avoidance of doubt, all reconnaissance and prospecting activities remain suspended and no person or company shall undertake or conduct any form of mineral activities or operations and /or deploy any equipment, plant or machinery in any Forest Reserve for reconnaissance or prospecting until further notice”.

See the entire list below;




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