See Childhood Photo of Duncan Williams’ Son Who Is Now Causing His Father Sleepless Nights

A childhood photo of Nicholas Duncan-Williams’ stubborn son Daniel has hit the web and people just can’t deal with it.

In the photo, Daniel, who is now the black sheep of the family, is captured with his elder brother Joel during their childhood.

Joel looks far older than his younger brother who has now become a headache for the whole family.

In recent days, he has been trending for all the wrong reasons – releasing a video of himself in a pool l*cking a n*ked lady and in another twerking with no clothes on.

After being trolled for a whole day, Archbishop Duncan Williams came out last night to address the issue, saying his son suffers from mental issues.

Daniel has now become one of the most fascinating public figures to Ghanaians and a childhood photo showing him looking so young and innocent is captivating many.

Check out the photo below…whilst he’s now causing trouble, his brother is now a preacher, following in daddy’s footsteps.


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