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Security: IGP not in control – Nunoo-Mensah

A former National Security Adviser, Brigadier-General Joseph Nunoo-Mensah says the Inspector General of Police (IGP), James Oppong Boanuh is losing control of the Police administration as a result of ‘too much political interference’ in his work.

“The IGP doesn’t have full control over the police, what is going on is scary. I have been in the Military before and I know how things work, there is too much political inference within the Police,” he told Kasapa 102.5 FM.

He contended that positions such as the CDR and IGP are not political positions, hence the fact that the President has the power to appoint them does not make them subservient to the politician.

“It is not NDC or NPP position. So whoever comes to power must know that these positions are answerable to the state and not to any political head. If we don’t check these things it could erupt into a problem,” he said.

The Inspector-General of Police, James Oppong Boanuh has fired back at his critics saying his administration is not sleeping on the job but remains committed to fighting the increasing spate of crimes in the country.

His comments follow the call by Security Analyst, Adam Bonaa on him (IGP) to retire after armed robbers shot dead a police officer, an eyewitness, and injured a bullion van driver at Adedenkpo, a suburb of Jamestown in Accra on Monday.

“…We are doing what we can to protect the people of Ghana. There’s no society in the world that there’s no crime. Even in the US, UK, Sweden, and all those countries where I will say more or less, they have everything they still have crimes. The only place that doesn’t have crime is Heaven, and we are not in Heaven. So if any so-called security analyst is saying that we are not on top of our game that is why these things are happening then he doesn’t know what he’s talking about,” he disclosed.

Brigadier-General Nunoo Mensah however, said there are security challenges all over the world, and agrees with the IGP that there is some level of insecurity in the West Africa sub-region that ECOWAS must rise up and deal with.


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