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SCREENSHOTS: Ras Mubarak’s ex wife Exposed for Drafting fake WhatsApp chat to tarnish his image

Former Kubungu Member of Parliament Ras Mubarak’s Ex-wife, Portia Rasheeda Adamu has allegedly deleted a post of a WhatsApp chat she composed after she was exposed for faking the chats to create wrong impressions about The former member of parliament.

Social media users did not find this interesting as they rain insult on the Ex-wife of the former Member of Parliament Ras Mubarak’s , Portia Rasheeda Adamu for generating fake WhatsApp chat only to destroy the dignity of the former Mp.


According to Madam Portia Rasheeda Adamu deleted the post on WhatsApp after a few minutes but which went viral, the ex-wife shared an alleged private chat between the two of them indicating that former MP wanted her back.

The MP is seen saying he has missed her and will want to talk to her.

Rasheeda Adamu in the chats portrayed herself as trying her best to avoid a conversation with the former MP but he insisted that he had missed her and wanted just 15 minutes of her time to talk about “us”.

The ex-wife said she only will talk to him if it’s about their children and nothing else.

Ras Mubarak said in her heart she knows that he loves her and is the man who has ever loved her deeply but Rasheeda in her reply indicated that his love was verbal and that he did not treat her right.

Portia Rasheeda has however been exposed over the fake chats as it was revealed to have been generated using an app on Apple Store. Also, it is impossible to take WhatsApp screenshots of old chats without the dates showing. The dates must show as it is a WhatsApp security feature against characters like Rasheeda. In her screenshot, there were no dates, although from the chat, an impression is created that the chat took place before the 2020 elections.

In the same conversation, while the name of her ex husband is saved as “Ras”, her reply to him on the same chat showed “Ras Mubarak”. This was a straight red flag because the couple were not chatting in a group, but just the two of them.

How fake WhatsApp chats are generated. is publishing this to expose those who use Fake WhatsApp chat generators and not to encourage law breakers.

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Ras Mubarak breaks silence

Meanwhile, Ras Mubarak in a post shared on his Facebook page disclosed how bad Rasheeda was as a wife when they were married for some years. He indicated that apart from the fact that she was a bully, she did everything to frustrate him.

He indicated that as a wife, Rasheeda Adams only thought of living good to the detriment of her husband and never supported his ambition fully.


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