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[Screenshot] COVID-19: Nigerians blast son of former vice president for refusing to quarantine

It is now no news that the son of The former vice president of Nigeria, Abubakar Atiku, has contacted Coronavirus.

It has however been revealed that Atiku’s son refused  to self-isolate even when he knew he was infected. Am insider revealed

“This issue of atiku’s son. He recently travelled to the uk and france despite his dads warning. He contacted the virus and attempted to return home, his dad asked him to stay back in the uk and get treatment, he refused and came home, instead of going to the treatment centre, he went straight home, mind you he has a wife and 3 kids, he is married to ahmed muazus daughter, his dad atiku was very angry and personally called the disease centre to pick him up. His dad got him arrested and forcefully taken to gwagwalada hospital. So now this morning, all the staff and his family members are going for testing. His name is mo atiku abubakar.Our prayers are
With the family.”

Many Nigerians have directed their anger at the former vice president for not being able to bring his to order.

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