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SAD VIDEO: Woman dumps sick husband, 4 physically-challenged children for another lover

“Mother’s Day” is prominent on Ghana’s calendar of celebration of social events, compared to “Father’s Day”.

This is because Ghanaian women and women in general symbolize care, love and Patience when it comes to parenting but the case is different for the Arkoh family in Abora Obokor in the Central Region.

The case of the Arkoh family is the rare situation of a woman who has abandoned his sick husband and four physically challenged children for another lover.

A situation which has landed the family into serious parenting trouble.

The children, Kwabena Arkoh, 20; Kojo Arkoh, 15; Kwaku Tawia, 10; and Yaw Ewudzi, 8, have different forms of disabilities.

Father of the four children, Kofi Arkoh, 65 is currently battling with respiratory infection, making feeding for the family become a big challenge.

Apart from the problems they face with regard to feeding themselves, none of the four children can boast of even bathroom slippers as all of them walk barefooted.

In an interview with Adom News on his children’s condition, Mr Arkoh said he suspected his children’s condition to be that of a serious medical condition and not a spiritual ione.

“We visited the hospital regularly during the pregnancy so I don’t know why the children were born with such abnormality,” he added.

On why Ama Konoa left him, Mr Arkoh explained it was because the situation of the children probably embarrassed her and as such, she felt shy associating herself with the family.

“She has always threatened to leave me and the children, especially when my sickness deteriorated and indeed she has carried out her threats. We have nothing as a family,” he said.

Although life is very tough for the family, Mr Arkoh still hopes of overcoming poverty one day.

Watch the video below:

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