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SAD VIDEO: Little Boy helplessly watches his dad to drown while recording

A little boy helplessly watches his dad to drown while recording in a very sad video online.

A heartbreaking 2-minute video has emerged on social media leaving a lot of people sad.

An unidentified young boy recording his father jumping into into the quarry dam and subsequently, drowns.

He went to the riverside with his father only for the man to drown.

The dad gave him his phone to record him as he swam. At a point in time, he lost his balance as he tried so hard to come back to the shore of the river.

As the video reaches the 1-minute mark, the visibly tired father is seen trying to get out of the dam as he attempts to find a grip on the rock to no avail.

Meanwhile, the devastated son continuously calls his dad who eventually drowns.

Watch the video below;


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