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Sad video as crocodile bɨtes tourist at Ave Dakpa in the Volta Region [WATCH]

Misfortune has befallen a lady at the crocodile pond of Ave Dakpa in the Volta Region of Ghana.


A group of domestic tourists visited the site to experience nature and have a feel of the crocodiles.

One crocodile on noticing their presence came out of the water body.

The tourists seeing the crocodile lying still went near and posed for photos and video.

Realizing the crocodile was harmless, they parked around it in numbers to have a feel of it skin.

Unfortunately for the last lady to join them, the crocodile attacked her swiftly as she stretched her hand to touch it.


Usually at such a tourist site, the guard throws a live fowl for the crocodile to feast on before visitors are allowed to go pose with it for photos.

Unfortunately the guard a Ave Dakpa didn’t follow the custom this very day.

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