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SAD: I don’t know why -Mother cries after giving birth to a baby without hands [Watch Video]

Comfort Ketor wouldn’t send her baby home after delivering yesterday because the child came without hands. Her reason, the fear of stigmatization.

Daavi Mawunyo Sewornu ;This is congenital amputation”
I think expectant moms should be taken through counseling so they’re able to deal with birth defects just in case..

Though birth deformities are rare ( sometimes 1 in a 1000,) It will help them not go through so much trauma..

In advanced countries, they’re able to meet the needs of such special kids..
She shouldn’t lose hope, baby is perfect and can do anything a normal child can..

People will always be people!
Unnecessary stigmatization.. But she’ll just be fine..
Wishing her all the best!.

Kibita Ruki Dramanu ;God says he created us in his own image and likeness and He has a purpose for ever human being he creates. they should put their trust in God and he will see them through. May God be with her.

Clarissa Esi Acquaah ;At this point I suggest she goes counselling before she takes the baby home and do something bad her. My dear ,children are blessing from God. Develop an unconditional love for her as she’s a special blessing from God 💖

McCarthy Henry Kokose ; Before that baby was formed in your womb God has a biiiiiiiiig plan for her keep calm and look after the gift from God

Shaibu Dabre ; Special babies are special gifts from God. Take pride in the fact that he or she is alive. There are couples out there who have been married for over a decade and still don’t have their own children. Count this as a blessing.

Maamie Godwin Eghan ;This baby will be a great person.
She will grow doing everything with her legs.
And she will be so unique in his/her own way.
I pray she keeps and nature the baby well.

Naa Too Blessed I am sure She tried at the early stages of the pregnancy to abort hence the deformity. She should enjoy her motherhood. God be with her

Crystal Jalila Am a little curious, couldn’t ultrasound detect that anomaly? This mother needs serious counseling to be able to love the baby herself before facing our judgemental society

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