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SAD: Check Out The Full Suicide Note Leticia Kyere Pinaman Wrote Before She Died (Photo)

Read the sad note the late 14 year old Leticia Kyere Pinaman left behind before she allegedly committed suicide


A piece of paper sighted on social media reveals the pain, sorrow and loneliness Leticia was going through before took to her life at the dining hall.

She expressed how disappointed and lonely she is in the people she called her friends and those that she expected to love her in both her school and outside school.

Some part of the note revealed that her friends only come around when she has food in abundance and that made her unhappy; a feeling that she was only loved by what she could afford to her friends.


Leticia Kyere Pinaman was a final year student of the Miracle Senior High School in Sunyani was found hanging at the school’s dinning hall.


Below is the picture

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