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SAD: Ashaiman ladies selling their egg, ovaries for Ghc3000 or iPhone with portrait imagery — Report

A chilling series of reports are emerging that show ladies at some suburbs of Ashaiman including Asensuba, Tulaku, Middle East and other areas in the Ashaiman Municipality and Tema Metro are selling their eggs and ovaries in exchange for iPhones that can take “portrait” photographs.

The phenomenon which is prevalent among young ladies and some women in Ashaiman and its environs caught the attention of popular Zongo influencer Kuburah Diamond who is wife of Award-winning CEO of 3Music Baba Sadiq Abdullai. monitored report received by the Zongo influencer who detailed how for as low as Ghc3000, the young girls sell their eggs in order to be able to buy an iPhone that comes with “portrait” photography features.

Various commentators from within the community confirmed that it was indeed happening and was now considered normal although at least one lady is believed to have lost her life in one such procedure.

While details are sketchy, a private hospital in Tema Community 11 was referenced as a place where such a transaction could be carried while Ashaiman areas such as Asensuba has the egg selling in vogue.

Followup by was what revealed a preference for iPhone with portrait feature as part of the deal.

The messages

“Assalamualaykum sis, please there is something I want to let you know about in our zongo community, Hmm it’s heartbreaking though, but I want you to come live to educate some of our little sisters who are selling their eggs ( ovaries) in exchange of 3000 to buy IPhone ooo at one of the governments hospital in Accra. And it’s like a challenge, I don’t know who initiate this bad thing into this little ones and I don’t know how many Innocent girls who have gone to do that” read the distress message Kuburah Diamond received.

Judging from the comments, it appeared to be the norm as many ladies confirmed knowing someone or a place where it was done without any harm.

“Yes please that’s the thing happening now in Ashaiman zongo and Asensu Bar But please conceal my Identity Thank you 🙏” a lady wrote.

“Hmmm dis not a new tin ooo.At first it was 1000 gh ,one of my friend  die through dat.There is a private  hospital at tema community 11 das the hospital most of the ashiaman ladies do go.” is following the matter and will file further reports on the development.





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