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Russian drug that kills coronavirus in 4 days reaches final stage of trials

A Russian-made drug Favipiravir that can eliminate coronavirus infections within four days, is now in the final stages of clinical trials.

The drug known as Favipiravir is being tested by Russian pharmaceutical investment firm ChemRar with the support of the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF).

On Thursday, clinical trials moved to the final stage in which it is tested on a randomized sample of COVID-19 patients.

The drug has several advantages. One of them is that it significantly reduces patient recovery time.
Another advantage is its availability in tablet form.

This makes its use easier, according to a statement from the RDIF.

“We noticed a faster improvement in the general health and clinical condition of the patients taking Favipiravir”, said Elena Yakubova, CEO of ChemRar Pharma in a statement.

“This may lead to earlier discharge from hospital and reduce the burden on medical facilities by 30-40 per cent in the near future,” she added.

The final stage of trials was approved to begin on May 21, involving 330 patients, the statement said.


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