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Robbery Gone Wrong: See How This Armed Robber Was Locked In A Super Market After Trying To Steal Their Money (Video)

A young black American has been locked in a grocery shop after an attempt to rob them in a new viral video

In the video, you will see that he walked into the grocery shop and walked straight to where the salesperson was sitting forcing her to bring the money.

The funny thing is, he passed by a policewoman sitting right next to the main entry but didn’t care about that, or it’s either he didn’t see her.

The police after realizing he was there to steal and probably harm an innocent person quickly did what she was trained to do during such cases.

She quickly and brilliantly opened the door for everybody inside the shop to run out and locked the door on him.

The armed robber then tried a couple of times to break the door after realizing he was stuck in the shop

He even took out his gun and shot three times at the door lock but its didn’t open

Within some few minutes the police arrived and arrested him.

Below is the video:


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